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A Splash Alley store, since 2002.

Aussie Pacific

If now is the time to re-invent the image for your business, company, organisation or sport and you are considering Aussie Pacific then you’re certainly on the right track.

That’s most likely why you have Aussie Pacific'scoolest Catalogue to date in your hands?

Right now it’s even more critical than ever to make the difference with an addition or upgrade to astylish uniform.

This will benefit any sports or business team. If asked to define their area, it wouldbe team wear supply because Teams have built our Australian culture.

We all have our own ‘brands’which could be sports, business, club, organisation or team. A uniform cultivates recognition and is a common feature shared by many of the most successful sportsteams & businesses in the world.

Aussie Pacific offers a range in colours, styles and sizes to suit any brand or team colours whether thelook is bold team unity, sleek and elegant or more casual.

Aussie Pacific’s performance yarn is using high technology that absorbs, wicks and dries faster than normal fabrics by moving moisture away from your skin and isolating it on the outer surface.The moisture will evaporate and also carry an anti-bacterial treatment on the yarn to keep it fresh and appealing.

There are indeed psychological benefits to wearing the new performance fabrics by keeping a lower skin temperature,reduced perceived physical exertion during exercise, and the increased ability to keep your focus.

Aussie Pacific performance fabrics go through the laundry very well and lasts longer due to the quality construction.They can be used all throughout the year and are perfect for travelling since they are wrinkle free and neutralise odours.And of course, the difference with Aussie Pacific is that you can put your logo on any of these quality pieces of apparel and know that you are doing justice to your brand.

Always consider that your brand represents you so make sure the clothing you choose meets and exceeds your brand’s image.